We have academical background and proven experience from PRODUCT INNOVATION & DESIGN MANAGEMENT in start-ups as well as large organisations. EMPATHY is the starting point in everything we do,i.e. we always aim to view products with other people’s eyes, to see what they see, feel what they feel and experience things as they experience. While doing so, we progress and learn from these people every day, which in the long run makes us better than most. So, don’t be a stranger, contact us for consulting services or just simply give us a call to talk product innovation, our favorit topic ūüôā

Below you find our take on some popular industry terms that we always come back to and think is important to understand if you want to be innovative and create great products :::



+ CREATIVITY                           ::: discovering a new idea
+ STRATEGY                              ::: determining whether it is a new and useful idea
+ IMPLEMENTATION              ::: putting the new and useful idea into action
+ PROFITABILITY                    ::: maximizing the added value from the implementation

= PRODUCT INNOVATION     ::: is creating value by generating & implementing new ideas




“Design Management is about applied innovation: capturing the talent and resources available inside and outside the organisation to create new products, new environments, and new user experiences.” (T. Kelley 1998)

Kelley_Tom_headshot_finalWe very much agree. How could you not, look how happy Kelley is.

You can also simplify by saying that Design Management is the business side of design, which basically means that design managers need to speak the language of business as well as the language of design.


DESIGN THINKING  is basically using an industrial design approach (processes and methods) to solve complex business problems. EMPATHY is a major part of this and designing stuff without empathy towards the users will result in products like Google Glass, i.e. commercial failure.  The guys at the Google Glass team simply did not recognize that voice-activated actions in public are socially awkward, that the camera creates a privacy concern for people around the Glass user and that the device actually doesn’t seem to solve any specific user needs.

“The¬†left-brain¬†linear, analytical, and computer-like thinking is being replaced by¬†right-brain¬†empathy, inventiveness, and understanding as skills most needed by business.” (D. Pink 2005)

It is not enough that the cool¬†tech¬†exist [feasibility] or that business benefits may easily be identified [viability]. To design a product that will not be ignored by the market its also essential to have a sense of desirability,¬†i.e we can only fully understand and design a desirable product when people’s needs, experiences, wants and preferences are properly understood. Below image from IDEO summarize this and basically means that we should not develop solutions in isolation, without essential insights about our users we may create solutions that completely miss the mark. Through Design Thinking and Empathy we will find the innovation sweet-spot where Desirability, Viability & Feasibility all are taken into account.

That’s why we like this way of thinking and we always use below image creating new innovative product concepts.


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